Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a series of gentle moves on the muscle and connective tissue along the whole body, using the thumb and fingers. There is no manipulation or adjustment of hard tissue and the treatment is very gentle, subtle and relaxing. The non-invasiveness and gentleness are what makes Bowen therapy so unique. It increases the circulation to the muscles and improves the efficiency of the Lymphatic system. It can be performed through light clothing. In many cases long-standing pain can be relieved in 2-3 sessions, although further treatments may be required in some situations. Bowen Therapy addresses a diverse and varied range of conditions. It is safe and effective for people of all ages.

CrystalsCrystal Healing

Crystals can assist us in balancing our mental, physical, spiritual and emotional bodies bringing them back into a state of well being.

They hold ancient information which can be accessed and used to assist us here and now in our everyday life by helping us clear away old patterns that no longer serve us, helping us to move forward with strength and courage. They are truly a magical and powerful tool.



Om-Tat-Sat – A T3 Tachyon Tool Helen usesEnergy Clearing & Balancing

Energy clearing and balancing is the basic clearing and realignment of the aura and the chakras. This can be done with just the use of hands, or other tools such as pendulums, crystals, special healing cards and Light Language (see below).

iDetox Ion Cleanse Machine

The iDetox Ion Cleanse Foot Bath is a gentle non-invasive therapy, which re-energises the body and helps support the body to detoxify naturally, helping restore your natural equilibrium and well being.

During an Ion Cleanse treatment the Ion Cleanse unit delivers a small amount of low level, electrical current into the array (electrode), which results in a reaction between the array, the water and the salt (added to help conductivity and increase the ionisation effect), to generate positively and negatively charged ions.

When the feet are placed in the water the interaction of the positive and negative ions re-energises, re-vitalises and supports the body’s
innate ability to re-balance and achieve a higher state of well being.

Light Language

Light Language is also sometimes known as Soul Language or Speaking in Tongues. Helen started speaking Light Language in 2005.

Light Language has the ability to bypass the conscious and subconscious minds hitting straight on the soul, enabling change on a very deep level.

Helen uses this gift to help people clear their energy, assisting in the realignment of their own personal energy back into a healthy state of being. It has also assisted with the removal of obstacles that have stopped people from moving forward, giving them back their personal power.

Clients sometimes say that they can feel energy vibrating through their physical form when it is being channeled.